5 conversations girls must have before getting married

1 – A heart-to-heart talk with your mom

Mommy, no matter how they treated you in the past, will always be the only person who loves you more than herself. You do realize how much more you love her everyday, especially when you’re away from home. Clearing any doubts about your relationship with mommy will make you realize the value of family in every aspects of your life, how it affects your career, your love and even your habits

2 – A normal chat with your ex-boyfriend

It doesn’t matter you cheated him or the other way around, you need to have a normal chat with him. And “normal” here I mean no hard feelings, no awkward jokes, no your-new-girlfriend-look-chubby sarcasm or whatsoever. The ability to have a smooth conversation with him proves that you’ve made peace with your past and ready to move on. And you know, your past should be something to be appreciated, not to be hated.

3 – A confession night with your best friend(s)

People need people. Unless you are an extraordinary superwoman, you need at least a friend who is able to endure your nonsense and give you a shoulder to lean on. A girl-to-girl talk is utterly important to make good a rainy day and brighten up your beautiful face. Don’t get married because you feel lonely. Men will leave you eventually and only friends can stay with you ’till the end.

4 – A discussion about anything with a complete stranger

It can be any topic: Crimea, bitcoin, your rotten apple in the fridge, etc. Be crazy and spontaneous. Be fun and wild. Be gentle but with a naughty wink. Be yourself! When you’re open with someone, you’ll realize how nice people can be (even Finnish :P). It gives you a positive insight of this beautiful life. So why you need that before you get married? Because you need to know what you’re about to get into: you’re going to be committed with a guy along with obligations, responsibilities. Better be sure that you’re not marrying him just because he meets you first.

5 – A self-talk

You can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself. You can’t find the love of your life if you don’t even understand what you really want. I used to go to this island and sat there during the sun rises, had talks to my other-self, cried and laughed with her. Yes, you need to do that, maybe not to that extent but one needs to be herself when getting married.

Do explore yourself and the world before the marriage because afterwards, your exploration might become wrongful.

From Phoebe with love ❤


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