A little bit of me through travelling habits


Want to get to know someone? Travel with them. Here are 3 inseparable things of mine when travelling.

The first item is jumping cup. It is a type of liquid container with adjustable height that has many special uses. It always come very handy whenever I need a temporary container: On the train, when I wanted to have a sip of water but did not want to share the same bottle with my companion; in the middle of the forest when I see a pond and would like to taste the heavy metals in mineral water. There was this time in Laos when I first time tried to do rock climbing. It took me 30 minutes to reach to the top of Kwang Xi waterfall. That was the first time I used this cup, was the first time I tasted the crisp, fresh water while enjoyed looking at the magnificent view of the nature below, felt like a lion had conquered the jungle. That was an unforgettable feeling.

The second item was the yellow-colored, woolen string. I got the string in Myanmar at a small temple situated beside Mount Zuekabin, Hpa-an village. I am not a Buddhist but since then, I’ve always brought this with me whenever I’m backpacking. I don’t know if that is Jesus, Buddha or my father but the string gave me the feeling that someone above there is protecting me. It provides me the gut to do what I believe, to do what I was taught not to do. Thanks to it, I’ve met many wonderful people along my travels and I’ve met you here today, in Finland, in this club.

Last but not least, is a Nokia handphone, a very trendy phone with 2-megapixcel camera. I used it to capture the most beautiful moments of my travel. The reason is simple, moments of the travel: a beautiful scene, a random meeting with a complete stranger and so on, those are meant to be memorized, not to be taken or recorded. This limited device is a constant reminder for that motto, that I myself must enjoy whatever happenings in that very moment.

Even though I am not backpacking anymore due to many reasons, I still carry these 3 items when I need to do a long travel, because they contain my most basic values in every trip: be adventurous, do not afraid to try new things; trust people, you can’t have what you want if you don’t give away a piece of yourself and seize every moment of your life, you can’t live it twice.

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