If you’re in love with a girl wearing red lipstick, congratulations.

She likes branded items. She adores Micheal Kors but not Armani. She’s a chick, not a dictator. You’re gonna freak out seeing her wishlist. But don’t you worry, she loves shopping but she’s not a gold digger (though the fact is that as big and many as your presents can be, they ain’t ever enough for her) It’s ok if you can’t pay for what she likes. She understands and believe me, girls wearing red lipstick buy what they own. Let her pay it and spoil you with her sweetened lingerie that she can afford. Instead, she loves surprises so send her random flowers and chocolate.

She wears red lipstick, doesn’t mean she likes red wine. Red wine only compliments red meat, and it leaves an ugly trace on her lip after a while. Don’t choose the drink for her, because she always knows exactly what she wants. She will have Dom Perignon if that is the first date. She prefers white wine if she feels closer to you and for being able to give you that trusting look, she believes Toscani can do the trick.

She wears red lipstick, she’s so intense! She likes Pitbull of course. But don’t feed her Avril Lavigne. She likes Duke Ellington and Charles Mingus too. She has the habit of sitting still every morning listening to “Moan’”. To her, that brings the strange calmness contradicting with her internal flame. She’s so demanding, you’re gonna have to hear “Jeep’s blue” and give her your comment. She loves to explore the depth, not the height of your soul.

If you love her, love her dearly. But if one day you wake up without thinking about her, be truthful to her that she feels your pain and let you go. Don’t hurt her. She likes the color of fire but she’s so weak inside. She wears red lipstick, but she hides a broken smile.

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