There will be times like these days.

When you scroll down all the photos that you were tagged in and see yourself in the last five years or maybe more. Those were the photos you did not intend to post on your account but someone had tagged you in because it happened that your face was in the pictures in their cameras. Then you look carefully at each of the photos and recalled how they were taken, who took them, how you felt, what other said, did before and after the photos, and the happenings as the consequences of those accidentally recorded moments.

Then you conjure up to them a great deal.

Then you recognize there was something in those photos.

Then you realize things could have been different. Those people could have been treated differently. Those situations could have been handled differently.


Then you look at yourself in the mirror, have you not lived (enough, yet)?

There were 1,485 of them as of today. Some were talked through, some were not. Some were expressed, some were not. Some was appreciated, some were not. Some were kept gracefully, some were not. But all of them, were experienced, and should be respected.

Brussels, 07.2014

Photo credit: Ngo Hung

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