She can complain about the smallest thing in her life, from one little dead rat lying on the street to the fallen Democracy in her country.

She can blame anything: it’s the blind, careless driver who ran over the trespassing rat. It’s the governmental fault when she got diarrhea from the street food vendor. “Of course they are liable! If they had controlled all the dust and virus in the air, I wouldn’t have gotten that stomach pain” she thought.

Her most favorite place is social media. On Facebook, she’s a hero, who has so many deep thoughts about that poor little rat. Her comments are strong, yet constructive, when she talks about that damn Government who can’t give her and her family a good life. To her, Facebook is such a liberal place where great-minded people like her can gather to have passionate, wistful conversations.

Because her life is not perfect, and all those imperfections are caused by other parties, she’s developed a special talent: pointing finger. She’s so good at pointing finger to other parties that her finger nails grew like mad. Many people can’t help bursting into laugh looking at her valuable assets. “Of course they are jealous!” she claimed.

You would meet her everywhere, she’s one complainer who can hardly offer a solution.

Helsinki, 04.2015.

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