The last two week is a memorable period to my life. Here’s the highlights, but there’s of course more of it surrounding the week:


  1. Applying for UK visa and spend the whole weekend to search for nice places to visit. It was a an awesome plan.
  2. Got the refusal letter from UK Immigration: WTF moment.
  3. My lecturer called the UK embassy and submitted all kinds of letters. Hope fires up even though it’s only a slim chance.
  4. No answer from the embassy at all. Hope crashed and a self-promise that I probably will hate the British all my life.
  5. My lecturer convinced me to present via Skype. It was a horrible idea as I first heard it since I’ve been preparing for this trip like for 6 months and the actual travelling mattered so much much more to me than the presentation. But oh well, I can’t lose more anyway.
  6. After the first presentation, I was chosen as the finalists: the first one who ever did it via Skype.
  7. Second presentation was the next day with slightly more nervousness. The presentation did not work as it was supposed to, which is equivalent to 30% of the presentation.
  8. Surprisingly, I got the second place of the competition.

I could not say it’s the toughest two weeks of my life but it’s probably the time in which I’ve experienced so many different extreme emotional states. At the end of the day when I heard the news, I cried so much because it was necessary. It was the accumulation of regrets, happiness, relief and above of, the feeling of achievement.

There’s no way for us to know the future, we just have to walk it through.

Helsinki 06.2015

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