Five Tourist Things To Do In Finland During Summer

Whether you are a tourist or a local, Finland can be really harsh during the winter, in fact so are all Nordic countries. But on the greener side, it’s a catch for anyone who wants to experience a summer like no-where-else. Here’s a list of top 5 tourist things to do in Finland during summer:


Needless to say, this is the most important thing of the area that every visitor needs to keep in mind. The Scandinavia region is gifted with stunning scenery, lively rhythm of love everywhere in the summer. You can expect the crystal blue of Lake Pielisjärvi, speckled with its many islands and the rocky summit of the Ukko-Koli Mountain soaring above you, or the beautiful pinky shade of Pyhä mountains’s peak in the afternoon. You can refer to our top five summer destinations in Finland or view breathtaking photos via gallery.


Let me get you straight, Finnish food are not famous for its tastiness, but are notorious for their funky tastes and looks. The good thing about Finnish cuisine is its balanced and healthy nutrient levels so it’s a perfect match if you are a health-conscious tourist. On the other side, if you’re a traveler who seek life experience, Finnish food is certainly something you cannot miss. Watch this video of Gordon Ramsay trying Finnish food to have a better idea of what are you going to get when in Finland :


You must be so used to the stereotype that Finns are reserved, shy and rude. Well, that is not always true, especially in the summer. I guess it’s the appearance of the sun that lightens people’s mood, which subsequently make major changes to their behavior. In the summer, everybody is extremely happy, talkative and helpful. So if you are visiting Finland in the summer, take some time to talk to the locals and try to keep in contact with them till the winter, you might see some interesting things for yourself.


I suggest this is the top top top must-do for everybody coming to Finland. As mentioned above, the Finns are often regarded as introvert but it’s totally the opposition when it comes to partying. People can go completely wild, intoxicated and silly (in a good way). As a prominent example, the Wife Carrying World Championships was first introduced in Finland in 1997 and has been an annual event since then. Do check out the hippiest events in Finland in summer 2015 to sample the Finns crazies ;;)


No, I’m not kidding, though I know Finnish language is among the most difficult languages for English speakers but it’s definitely something that I would recommend to do while you visit a new country. The language itself contains a large part of national culture and characteristics: logical, simple and sincere. For example: “Sisu” is a word used to describe a Finnish characteristics, its rough translation is courage and perseverance to stick or follow through with something, no matter the odds.


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