June’s celebration

June is a rewarding month with plenty of times off, friends and laughs. If all the things in this world would disappear, there should be no complaints as apparently the nature already did it best in harmonizing all human’s needs in this time of the year 😀

Merely a week ago, I had the honor to join in the first Juhannus in a faraway land of Eastern Finland, Joenssu. My friend, Samuli, has a family summer cottage in the countryside and we were invited there to experience the “magical night” – when the sun never set. It’s the longest and most beautiful scene one must see to truly enjoy a rustic, authentic Finland.

Juhannus midnight

It was also my first time to play summer games like cricket, petanque, etc. Funny to know how good Vietnamese can be at cricket game: we beat the Finnish by a large point range the first and second round wohoooooooo ❤

A week later, we were in Tampere to participate in a summer gathering organized by Vietnamese living in Finland. The location was an army training camp, completed with sauna, big hall and a kitchen. We had a nice time making new friends and playing with the kids, singing karaoke and sleeping in the freezing weather haha. In fact, the “sleeping in the freezing weather” part only lasted for a few hours, before we realized that it’s enough for an experience and found our new bed indoors in the comfortable hall.

Awaiting for July with more surprises and happiness ❤

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