So I was studying about Google tools as a part of Digital Marketing Specialization MOOC by University of Illinois. As you know, Google is a powerful engine that it now grow into such a giant complex with various tools that can fulfill basically ANYTHING a digital marketer needs. Here’s the 4 tools that I’ve learned to use so far:

– Google Webmaster: to register a site into the search engine. More than that, it can help you index your work to make sure it’s not stolen by other people.

– Google Adwords: not just a way to earn money, Adwords also support non-paying users with features to analyze the keyword trend. I use Adwords’ Search Keyword function to see how popular the keyword I intend for is.

– Google Trends: A convenient tool to compare the online trends. I especially like this tool as it saves so much time for keyword analysis! Basically it’s the same as Search Keyword function with the statistics in percentage form. So far it’s my favorite tool as it displays regional interest so I know which country to focus on. It even has “related queries” section below where you can find pretty good suggestion.

– Google Analytics: definitely a good tool that any marketer cannot afford to miss. It shows a variety of analysis on your site: bounce rate, page view, etc. There’s so many things that you can do with the numbers and from there analyze, improve the site. It’s a must-known for any UX designer and digital marketer.

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