I have always thought of myself as versatile, flexible and spontaneous type of person. I am quick to be bored and doing mundane things will make me yawn non-stop. That was the reason why I cannot do a normal 9-5 job. Just the thought of sitting in one place doing administrative works is frightening. I set myself up for freelance work. The idea is great: you get to do what you like to do and what you can do. You determine your work hour and efficiency, as long as the work is done. What an excellent idea for the impulsive me!

Starting is the hardest part, it took me 3 days to complete the profile and make it as appealing as I could. And even when I think this is such a sexy profile, I’m not sure if the skills listed and proposals could match what others think, so it took quite some time to do a research on what are the real needs and demands to fulfill, then craft my proposal description accordingly.

The next part? Patience is mother of all virtues. There are a lot of jobs out there, and freelance economy was predicted to explode in 2014 and reshape our working environment in 2015. It did last year and there’s no doubt that doing freelance job will make significant impact in our working style. But the large number of available job does not mean you will get hired. It takes time to build trust and your clients, all of them, are suspicious. In fact all of us are, when we see our money virtually disappear from bank account. Even all the payment agency has a help center, nobody wants to participate in a dispute that happens online. All these transactions are made so mysteriously that I find myself sometimes worried about paying anyone online. Understanding that, you should give yourself some time to get the freelance ball rolling. Remember, it’s all about trust.

Then finally, the order came. After a long conversation, the client decides to choose you. They are hooked! Now it’s time to release your enthusiasm for the work that you’ve been longing for. It’s fantastic to do what you love, even the pay was not that good if you count your effort in hours. But you know that you will deliver a good job because that’s all you want to do.

Freelancing is a 21st century opportunity for those who want to learn and are not afraid to prove themselves. I am not the most successful freelancer who can buy a car after the first month, but I know that if I continue to walk, success would come to me in no time.

To celebrate my relationship with the freelancing world ❤

From Phoebe with ❤

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