It’s a rule of thumb that we all have to start somewhere, and good things take patience and determination to come.

I failed two job interviews recently, and keep receiving good news of the freelance world. So, is it a sign?

It’s a sign when you think it is. The day when I had the interview, I missed the train, the bus was late. You can say birds were not singing that day.

Or perhaps, the result simply reflects your focus and redefine your route. In fact, when I focus my energy and time in a specific field, I can’t answer the questions for a position that does not relate to the field that I’m interested in. Both positions are clearly meant for a “business” student, but it will not involve any tasks that relate to my likes: digital marketing, user experience, etc.

When writing this, suddenly I remembered about a lady friend of mine. She had a long struggle with life before settling down in Vaasa, Finland with her husband. Her struggles were way worse than failed job interviews, as it took her 2 years before she can recover, started things from the scratch again and apply for Finland.

It’s just a bowl of rice after all.

Helsinki. 08.2015

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