Digital Marketing: How it changed the world

Internet essentially changed our perception to the world and therefore changed marketing as well. I see the changes in terms of 3 main factors as below:

  • Technology: The virtual world has its own rule hence digital marketing entails an entire different set skills such as SEO, content marketing, PPC.
  • Communication: internet changed our communication style so brands have to adapt with new methods such as email marketing, social media, etc.
  • Reach: internet blur all boundaries in our physical world. It’s a boon and bane to marketers as the widened target market means more opportunities and increased competitive rivalry within the industry

And if you are wondering why it can change the world of marketers to that extend, consider how it changed the world of a normal consumer,  the McKinsey customer journey stated that consumers normally go through five phases before advocating to a product/ brand. In this digital world, content marketing strategy plays an important role during Active Evaluation phase and Post-purchase experience by providing strategic information that can affect users’ purchase decision and user experience when using the product. This is especially true for digital products/ services as users will certainly do searches and evaluation based on online information.

An example of real-world digital marketing: Fiverr started out as a marketplace for low-cost services starting at only 5 dollars. However, the firm later evolves into a bigger mission: to be a social marketplace for fast services. We can see it through its focus on promotion of the free economy, articles about entrepreneurship scene and its creation of Fiverr forum, where people discussed how they earned money and other freelancer-related issues. Fiverr’s target market was freelancers around the world with services offered suitable for a new business.

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