Logo design


Logo description – for corporate: This logo design stems from my passion for continuous learning and never give up. Featured symbol bears resemblance to my initial, letter P. The logo was created using basic straight and curve lines, which represents my efficient mixture between IT expertise and interpersonal skills as a reliable team player. The path used to separate between two main regions of symbol is drawn as a staircase, which contains my three planned steps of career journey:

  1. Junior growth hacker at a creative company
  2. Manager/ Director
  3. Entrepreneur

I color this logo with two main colors: hot pink for an ever-growing passion for self-improvement and turquoise show my appreciation for the first company that I’d worked for: DTZ. The job at DTZ had taught me more than the knowledge I learned from school in 3 years, it also enabled me further my study in Europe and truly enjoyed a free lifestyle with valuable friends and greatest memories.

Logo description – for others: I love ice-cream, which makes total sense because I live in Finland. If my boyfriend fell into a lake with a box of ice-cream, I definitely saved the box first. That’s the reason why when I was looking for a logo idea, instantly it must have some elements that hint people that I love ice-cream (you know what to get me next time we meet). The logo was a twisted cone with the ice ball almost fell out. But hey, that’s how I like to eat it!


Below are some other versions that I created when trying different color mix and layouts:


Phoebe as a boomerang


The first two letters from my initials: P and h. Also represent a sexy lady shape


When Phoebe is funky

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