How to Talk To Your Teacher?

This post is written in preparation of my last semester being a student.

Let’s face it: We get angry at our teachers at times. Some even think that teaching is the easiest career in the world. Sooner or later, we will be on the opposite sides of the road. Knowing that all students will experience this at some time (some more than others, and more often in those middle school years), I have found it effective to create tools that facilitate the teacher-student communication line. Here’s some innovative ways to “talk” to your teacher:

1 The Open-Source Way

Utilizing the power of one thing that you are familiar with the most: social network. Expose your confessions and feelings on a popular social media site like Quora, Facebook groups, Twitter, etc. Don’t forget to mention the teacher and school name so that your subject can easily find the comments/ thinking that are related to him/ her. You can make it more visible by classifying the whole thing using #hashtag like#MsNaomiclassisawasteoftime, #sleepyinMath101, #dyinginshitclass. Be bold and be creative.

Effectiveness Rating: 3/5

2 The Gossiping Way

One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, there ain’t nothin’ can beat teamwork.” said Edward Abbey. True enough, gossip can be entertaining, funny, a tension breaker. Two students gossiping about teacher will feel ostensibly closer, and generate better bonds with each other.

To gossip effectively, create a place to facilitate discussions such as a blog, Facebook page so that all your classmates can join in and offer their perspectives. Only one minus point for this method is some schools block Facebook nowadays and it also takes more effort to write a full blog post when you get home after class, when all the emotions have gone away…

Effectiveness rating: 4/5

3 The Sneaky Way

Nobody likes to be criticized so understand it, teachers do not like to be rated. Some might have very funny negative reactions like this:

So the optimum way to let your teachers know about your thinking is to send him/ her an anonymous letter. You can do this by using mobile application Poking Fun or the web services if you’re studying in America, Canada or United Kingdom. These services guarantee the students’ freedom in voicing their opinions and expressing their emotions towards their professors.
Effectiveness rating: 5/5

No matter what tool you use, one thing to consider is privacy settings, always ask yourself if the comments/ suggestions are sufficiently constructive or simply written out of rage. Also put yourself in your teacher’s shoes before publishing the results and …. have fun in the class 😉

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