Helsinki was cold when I got back yesterday night, the light vest and cotton scarf couldn’t help me from shivering. The arrival at 1 AM did not make me feel tired at all, rather a bit sentimental about a new lover, named Paris.

I started my trip on the 11th Sept, the initial plan was to have a French taste in my travel diary, and also to satisfy my hunger about its culture and people. I did not expect any surprises, yet he gave me plenty. The pleasure of being with Paris was comfortable, as it arrived so subtly. Before you know it, he already held your hands with a romantic stroll through sunny streets to reach an elegant corner and there, you had no choice but to accept his proposal of eternity. The whole city with every bit of the experiences it gave me, was a state of art. I just can’t help being in love with Paris.

Getting lost with Paris is magical, he introduced you to wonderfully warm and attractive friends. I felt it instantly when I walk through one’s apartment door, and was overwhelmed at the Seine river’s bank during the last two days. The sky told me it was Heritage day on 18th and 19th, before Paris filled me with wine, cheese and music. The white harp lends itself to become a part of the street orchestra, surrounded by Paris and me. I just can’t help being in love with Paris.

Paris, I’ll be back ❤


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