What perks you got as a student?

Being student is not suckie all the time, they sometimes pity us like the under-privileged kids and give us perks, like the Axure license I got this morning. It saved me about 100 euros per year, which is a pretty good thing for my current situation.

So what else? Actually Finland already did its best to facilitate an ideal learning environment for their students. We have cheap student meals, half-price public transportation cost, subsidized houses. My friend, a Master student at Aalto university, even won a full 7-day-trip to San Francisco after satisfying her Lecturer. Yes, that’s the kind of every teacher definitely should do. But through that you basically know the extent to which a school here is willing to pay for a good student. If I’m not wrong for each graduate, the university receives 30k from the government. With that amount I can start my own business in Finland, no need to go through 2 and a hlaf years of miseries, duhhhhhh.

But anyway, as I’m going to be kicked out of school soon, it’s undeniable that the education system here is extremely advanced compared with the one in my origin country. They say the key to happiness is GRACE, so never in my life I will not be graceful for what I’m having now 🙂

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