Events in Laurea in October

October is sure to be an interesting month, not just because everything goes smoothly with my plan about graduation, also due to a number of possibilities open up for grabbing: I might be able to spend Lunar New Year with my mom and get to spend 6 months in an European country that I like, and that’s exciting! Putting it aside, here are a list of events gona happen in October:

– Career fair in Laurea this week: 8-9 October with many companies joining in. There will be talks, workshop to give guidance and present the openings for the students.

– Participating in the project management championship to get credits and.. have fun! You will get to know a lot of things about PM within a short amount of time and if you are in the shortlisted team, Laurea will subsidize you to Poland for the final round.

– Innovation or Die competition by LAMK. Students can form group and get 1000$ if they win!

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