Depression in Finland

Last time I wrote a general topic about depressions and its treatments, because it’s a sickness that many people are having without being aware about it. My friend said she didn’t even know about its existence, until somebody else told her about the symptoms then she had the ‘a-ha’ moment: I was depressed before. After all, depression can lead to very serious consequences due to its anonymity hence, depression’s symptoms and prevention measures should become a common knowledge to anyone.

If you have to know, Finland has one of the world’s highest usage of anti-depressants per head. The long, dark winter is the main culprit that made people in this country feel tired and sad. If it was warm, people could have gone for an outdoor swim. If it was bright, people could have gone for a picnic. If it was a lively city outside, like Stockholm, people could have had more friends and gatherings. All in all, people are depressed due to the fact that Helsinki is a really sad city.

Another factor that adds in the suffering of youngsters here is Finland’s downward economy. Firms are closing, or moving operations abroad. It’s super hard to find a decent office job if you don’t know the language so you might have to scrub toilets as a means for your living. Together with the above mentioned, Finnish people aren’t very open to foreigners, plus the difficulty in their daily life, they become grumpy and complain about a lot of things. Reading the news lately, you will see all the hatred comments about the flux of immigrants to drive the Finnish economy down. It’s hard to be happy in this environment.

So what is the solution? The best way is to stay clear from the toxic, so it won’t be able to affect you. If the person beside you is complaining and having a bad day, avoid them till they get better. If the weather outside in cold and dark, find a cozy room with warm smiles and hot drinks, and eat vitamin D. If the city feels sad to you, find a bar with good music, you’ll find other happy Finnish over there, too. Ignorance is bliss. And if you feel like talking this problem to somebody, find the Nurse at Laurea campuses, it’s therapeutic and free. My friend went there for counselling before and said its extremely helpful.

Finnish winter just started, embrace yourself and smile 🙂