The ultimatum of understanding

Schools has been quiet lately, except for the stormy mood I’ve been carrying since September due to the atrocious thesis work. It’ll be more interesting when I start the new work at ABC4EU project, the first job assignment that I need to pass 2 rounds to be selected. But more about it later in the week when paperwork is finalized with school.

This morning I want to talk about something else. It’s a very simple topic but not mundane, everyone of us probably attempted to do this at least once in our life and failed. It’s about UNDERSTANDING.

Do you really understand yourself? Understand why sometimes you have the urge to go away and do something real crazee, then the next day you consider it was a foolish idea. Of course we don’t need to understand every decision we made in our life, because that will be so tiring to guess the reason of your moving left foot before right foot. It’s romantic to think that every decision has its own rationals ‘cos it’s ain’t real.

Understanding comes in four phases: ignorance, knowledge, experience and finally, understanding. The first phase is such a bliss, as you generally enjoy the pink lenses that it allows you to have and wear a rabbit ear to whatever you do. The fourth phase is also a bliss, ‘cos you are sitting right up the stairs looking down the streets with acceptance and peace. Unfortunately, the two intermediate phases are real nasty and painful. Some people make the mistake of amassing the knowledge and experiences in the world without ever getting understanding. They get all the bitches of being ignorant without none of the bliss. So remember this: Don’t fool yourself as if you understand about the world and people around you, because you don’t, ever.

Just like a Latin saying: ”Ars longa, vita brevis”, which basically means: “Life is short but understanding how to live takes a long time”. Don’t try too hard, the realization is seeping in you everyday.

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