Chicken soup for the soul

Have you ever made a decision and later felt it was not quite true?

Have you ever wished to do anything differently in the past?

Well, you should never do that. Ever, again.

Because it’s stupid. First of all, there’s a fact that it’s not gonna happen. Even you are the best physicist in the world, that would incredibly be hard to accomplish due to the gigantic amount of energy required to turn back the time. So face it, be honest with yourself and know that it’s ok. I realize one thing that the human being does very well is to lie, lying to themselves. When you did something “wrong” by definition, you tentatively directed your thoughts about how would if be if ABC or XYZ. You see, that’s lying because the ABC and XYZ comfort your mind about an improved situation that’s simply untrue. So stop lying to yourself whenever making a decision, be content with it and know that everything’s gonna be okay.

Ars longa, vita brevis

One thing I can’t stress enough, that is to be proud of every decision you made, because it’s who you are and what you do. If you love yourself and want her to grow, you gotta let her experience. And how would you ever know that whether it’s a right direction whatsoever, you’ve not lived enough yet. Like the Latin saying: “Ars longa, vita brevis”, you have to go through every stage of life to understand it, not trying to make it right every time because, there’s no such thing as “right” or “wrong”.

This is a loving reminder to all my followers to live their life to the fullest ❤

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