What can you infer from an announcement page?

Symbols, innuendos are all around us. Pay a little more attention and you can see a whole lot of different sides of human beings. I examined my school’s website today and found these staggering truths:

Capture0- You guys have always talked bad about us on Facebook, now it’s time to teach you obedience you little shit heads

1- Whassup? We want to skip school for Halloween.

2- We hate you so we will ask you to work in the basement and without any pay hahaha

3- Haven’t you graduated??? Speed the f*** up!!

4- It’s actually no voting, we already have a democratic Chinese leader

5- It’s an event for the unemployed, come with us 🙂

6- We know that you’re doing your thesis and use the services a lot, so we just have a temporary break so you don’t take us for granted

7- Gosh can’t you see yourself in the mirror? Get your ass to the gym!!

8- We hate you so much that we don’t want to see you in the winter. Please go somewhere else

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