What happened in the last few days were unacceptable. Simultaneously in different locations, a group of people imposing Allah created so many pains around the world. Explosions came after tears, there were chaos everywhere.

What is the human’s destiny on Earth? Are we owning what we caused? Or we are just acting as we’ve been told? To those killers, taking away people’s lives was the right thing to do but for others, that was unimaginable to drastically harm many people at the same time in such way. There is no right and there is no wrong, it all depends on which lenses we choose to put on. The video below offers you a deep investigation in the formation of ISIS and it may very well change your mind:

What we can do, and should do at this very moment is to unite. War is indispensable to fight for what we believe is right but I pray for no more innocent people have to fall on the street or anywhere else. We should not be ignorant but not be too naive either, because, everyone is a victim in her own story.

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