I’ve not talked so much about it, as a part of me is missing it dearly, while another part ignores it. It’s true that Singapore held a very important part of my life, but it’s also the place registered the biggest pains that I’ve been through so far. It’s a place I want to avoid while secretly visiting.

There was a time, when I was so confused when somebody threw me a question about my nationality. It occurred to me that I was freaking confused about my own age and origin, I could not find it in Singapore, I could not find it anywhere in Vietnam. I ran away to Finland to look for my own values and thankfully, I found it. It’s truly a bless to learn something at home, some people had to trade something for it, some people even never know about it to find it. “An intelligent woman is one who know what she doesn’t know” – Anonymous.

Nevertheless, hiding is not a long-term strategy and you gotta face your fears. It’s time for me to step up and condemn the past. Whatever it takes, I want to be come back to Singapore but in a different outfit. I’m no longer person of the past. I’m participating in this contest to win  a return ticket with my sisters ❤ Please show the support if you come by


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