It’s coming very near. The fruit of two and a half year sticking my ass to Laurea’s library and without mentions, the thrill of ending something and start a new chapter in your life.

This morning we talked about how would it be different if I studied in Aalto university instead. In 2013, I was pretty unsure about my life when I applied for further study and at that time, even though I was on a waiting list to Aalto. By then, I knew that if I had waited for another year and re-take the test, I would definitely be admitted into the school. But I was sad, really sad, the younger me said she could not waste another 12 months and she wanted to run away from Singapore, so I went.

I think that kind of question: “Did I take a wrong move?” is one that we ask ourselves all the time. It’s becoming even more frustrating when you are not satisfied with your current situation and that question become an excuse for you to stop trying. Yes I said it, because some of us has the tendency to procrastinate and cling to the past. It ain’t ever a good reason because it’s just…. life. It’s unpredictable and the only thing you can do, and should do, is to unfold it without an expectation.

It was what I do everyday too, by being grateful for what I have instead of regretting for what I don’t have. They say Grace is the key to happiness and I felt true, it’s a miracle for me to be alive in this world and adsorb the beauty of it while it lasts. Life is full of choices and it’s our job to make a choice. Sometimes, we missed the best choice but then you will just have to believe that life will give you a compensation.


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