Christmas spirit

So here it is coming to town to spread love and sparkle smiles in everybody’s heart. Christmas is one truly important occasion in a year, the transition time for people to reflect the old times and secretly wish for a vibrant, lucky new year. It’s such a joyous time that anyone, if they had never been in Europe during Christmas, could not fathom this meaningful time of the year.

I still remember two years ago when I first set feet to this cold region, I told myself that I had to get the best Christmas celebration. I traveled to Stockholm for 2 weeks to enjoy the season there but there was no snow. It was quite sad actually, because the friend who accompanied me to Sweden was not really enthusiastic about going out but staying indoors and talked to her new boyfriend. By that time, I just got through a disaster with a fucked-up guy so I was not exactly in a good mood either. I had two weeks of wandering in the Swedish freezing winter, lost at what I wanted to do next. Bad time.

Do you know this guy named Buddy in the Elf movies? For those who don’t, Buddy is a very lovable guy who was adopted by Santa Claus and in the movies, he was on the way to look for his biological father. Buddy was lovely, not just because he was so innocent, which I actually don’t really support that because it made him retarded sometimes. But I like him because his joy in making people happy was so authentic. Making people happy was Buddy’s source of happy, that was the reason he could not sit still and made people around him angry at times. The movies carry a subtle but strong message: Don’t get carried away by our daily worries, the most and only important thing you should do is to make yourself happy. It’s simple right? But how many of us are doing it? Are we really satisfied and happy at the end of our day?

Looking back, the reason why I was so sad in Stockholm two years ago was because I was hiding. I took travel as a mean to escape from my broken heart. I did not travel for happiness, but to get away from loneliness. Little did I know, that I actually should stay in Finland because there was a boy who joined in the Christmas dinner in Finland with my friends, later became my boyfriend until now.

It’s Joulu, don’t hide behind the doors, get yourself outside and smile like an elf!


From Phoebe with ❤

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