List of accomplishments in the past 2 days:

  • Final checking of thesis research
  • Presentation of findings
  • Finishing Creative Innovation Thinking
  • Submission to
  • Bucket list compilation
  • Singing to Bang Kieu’s songs at 10 AM :3

I think in life, it’s important to cherish these kinds of moment when it comes. You cannot feel accomplished everyday, because quality takes time. And one also needs time to truly understand the fullness of accomplishment.

At different times in life, you would change your opinion about priorities, what’s right and wrong. At different times of your life you would have to think about why you fail. Have you ever tried to understand why you win? Very few people did that, because “sugar blinds your eyes”. But it’s only yesterday that I know that’s it’s so important to know who you are, be aware of what you want and your capabilities. Those are the only things that can make you be happy in life.

From Helsinki with love ❤





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