Is it sad?

The title is not a question, it’s rather an iterative exclamation point that has been made over and over many times. This country hides its beauty in a thick coat of grey stones and melting snow. You gotta dig a long way to find the treasure.

But again, who am I to judge any countries? Just a humble lady who was trying to pass me a basket of lemon and bread this morning, she motioned a toothless smile that touched my flimsy heart, I smiled back and paid her 10 euros.

Am I weak?

Am I fragile?

Am I honest?

A thousand of thoughts rushed in my head while I was laying in bed this morning. He held his hand along the table, put that ring on my tiny finger and murmured his proposal. It then suddenly moved to the view of a garden underneath an ancient church. Stepping on the empty hallway, the guard obliviously looked at me, then away. I suddenly flew back into Angkor Wat, the local restaurant that Nat took me to that day, so magical yet irrational. I woke up.

Dear friends, you would sometimes miss your old days so much that it’s hurt to continue walking. You would be afraid of your own country so much that you tried to stay away. But the more you hide, the more fragile you feel inside. You have to face it, no matter what kind of sadness it might give you. Face it, your conscience will never fail you.



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