New Year resolutions

Writing this will be so difficult, as 2015 was a bitch and I couldn’t help by making the statement clearer by setting off a post so as to conclude it.

Starting of the year, we got multiple failures and cobble stones on the dreams we had. We tried hard, and we just lost, in the midst of a chaos, hidden knives and backstabbing. We were strongly drawn into the center of an illusion, by someone I truly respected so I couldn’t reject. Oh, yeah, it was a time of anxiety.

Mid-year, I was so tired. We didn’t travel anywhere but decided to stay in Finland for the summer. Not so wise decision, as again, unluckiness keep banging on our head, waiting for us to give up. I collapsed when receiving the rejection letter of UK visa. Dark time, it was brutal in its physical sense.

Ending of the year, as if it cannot be worse, I got rejected for a trainee job. It’s the time when you literally see that you are screaming in vain, and all your efforts are purely wasted. Time after time, I tried and I failed, due to the “unexpected”: they suddenly realized they do not have enough quota, the school board were stingy in a few specific cases, etc.


There’s only one resolution this year, I refuse to condemn myself as life is trashing me away. I refuse to get upset again, refuse to be lazy and promise to change myself in this coming year. For every moment of this new year, it only consist accomplishments and satisfaction.



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