What do the world think about the Nordic?

There are two types of people in this world: people who love the Scandinavians because they are warm, kind, always wearing stylish outfit, holding the weirdest events and people who don’t give a shit about what happens in the far up North region. Today I want to find out what thing(s) in the Nordic do people from other parts of the world care about? Below you can find a quick research of trending keywords about the Nordic on Google

nordic trends

Note: the last filed is keyword “Nordic travel”

1 Nordic sport

It seems fitness is one of the top trends when people think about this region. The most popular activities is Nordic walking, it’s a sport suitable for every age group and weather. The other reason I can think of for this popularity is the Scandinavian relation to Vikings: “Well, their ancestors were such excellent soldiers, let’s find out what sport they play to be great fighters!”

2 Nordic food

The second most popular topic is about healthy but simple Nordic cuisines and diets. You probably know about the extreme weather conditions in these countries so what they eat must be very very nutritious to provide them sufficient calories for their daily activities. What makes the food here even more special is its looks and tastes, which is rather hard for me to describe so I will have to lend a few words from Mr. Jónsdóttir about Iceland’s Ugly Food Festival “It has the ugly taste of oppresion and total lack of freedom”

3 Nordic style

Nordic designs are famous worldwide for its minimalism and unique approach. The statistics of regional interest reveals that the classy Britishes have the highest appreciation for iconic Scandinavian furnishing and housewares, followed by the Americans.

4 Nordic travel

Oh yes, you can’t forget the serene nature of this region, it’s remarkable regardless of seasons. Travelling in the Nordic calls for a traveler who is thirsty for exotic experiences, of both mental and physical dimensions. Its rugged terrains and climate require most visitors to follow tours, which makes “Nordic tours” the most popular term in the category.

Back to the divided group, I think I belong to neither of those groups, the incidents that I encountered during the last two years in Finland has sufficiently neutralized all of my feelings toward any places. It’s not simple to just “love” a place, ‘cos any landmarks that we normally refer to comprises of different elements: people, weather, location and each of that elements are essentially made of many characteristics. It’s so easy to find a place you like, but when can you find one where you really belong to?

Helsinki, 06.2015