bikini-girl in finland

Best summer holiday destinations in Finland

This post is written sheer out of my affection of this country after an amazing Juhannus with the lovely locals ❤


Lapland is wayyy too well-known for its rugged beauty and the reindeer. Lapland’s capital, Rovaniemi city, is Finland’s northernmost tip and here you can experience “Magical nights” when the Sun circles the sky 24/7 for almost one month. There’s a long list of what you can do in Lapland: sleep in Urho Kekkonen national park or take a boat ride into the homelands of Sami people; conquer the Finnish highest peak, Halti Fell or visit the thrilling trails of Oulanka National Park. There are so many things you can do in this beautiful land.


Located only 50 kilometrer east from Helsinki, you can even take a steamboat from the capital to Porvoo in the summer. The Porvooo River flows through the city and marks the most charming road for Porvoo visitors, passing through its red shore houses. In Porvoo, everyone can find his/ her own sweet spot the city is packed with lovely restaurants, cafes, shops and museums. Mine was a cafe shop named Piko, where I also tried the first Runeberg cake and fell in love with it instantly.


To many people, Koli is Finland’s most beautiful natural attraction. Koli National Park and the surroundings provide a unique combination of internationally recognized natural and cultural attractions together with a broad range of quality tourist services in all seasons. The city lends itself to many activities and events for visitors throughout the summer. More information can be found on its official site.


Known as the previous capital of Finland, Turku is such a delicate, quiet girl who contains many secrets to discover. The city is home to a medieval palace, recreational islands and a range of festivals, concerts, exhibitions in the summer. Visitors to Turku can also travel easily to its satellite cities like Naantali, Moomin’s hometown or the historic Raisio.


Lying on the South Coast of Finland, Hanko is considered a summer city, known for its beautiful archipelago. With its charming atmosphere, colourful events, enticing restaurants and relaxing closeness to the sea, this historical spa town has given good reason to speak of the Hamptons of Finland, or the Finnish Riviera.