Encounters15 – Reflections about the conference

Three days just passed terribly fast. Great talks, accompanied by great people, and of course, great food. I was so sad leaving Porvoo yesterday and until now, it’s overwhelming when I think about what I’ve accomplished and how it affect me personally.

My wonderful friend, Linh, was also in the organizing team of this conference so I was very happy when she agreed to host me. As a student, I’ve always loved to explore the student life in another Finnish city and this is a great chance! Linh’s apartment is around 3 km away from the city center so it takes 40 minutes to walk, or 20 minutes by bikes from her place to the campus. And in the winter they all have to walk because it’s too slippery to ride! So city kids, be grateful if you can take a convenient train/ bus to school. Luckily for me, the spring weather was lovely for a long walk. Nevertheless, it still substantially increased my appreciation for the condition in Helsinki.

To be amongst the think tankers, who are enthusiastically improving the society through their practices and researches, is so inspiring. It further reinforced my determination to build a successful career to help more people around me. The two conference days were packed with insightful researches, diverse viewpoints and a plethora of practical knowledges and ideas. I followed theme 3, which was about integrating education and RDI for empowered wellness and life-style. Gamification in researches and education was emphasized, which is a great news for my other project. I also collected interests and valuable comments when presenting my idea about home-farming. There will be so many things to be done but it’s gonna be so exciting.

Some pictures from the conference:

IMG_2051[1] IMG_2060[1] IMG_2048[1]IMG_2062[1]

Helsinki, 03.2015

From Phoebe with ❤