A new start


Today is the International Labour Day, a very big holiday in Finland because it coincides with spring celebration of the Finnish, Walpurgis day. People flocked all the streets yesterday with alcohol and happiness. Some was pretty crazy, here’s an example:

We woke up this morning rather late, being intoxicated from the drinks yesterday. Amazingly, we found our cutie spinach in the kitchen has blossomed into a fully grown, beautiful plant! You would be even more surprised to know it came from a spinach seed that we experimented to grow. I ignored it for quite a while until a few days ago, I decided to dismantle my indoor farm and discovered the spinach had grown so big.

The spinach seed package. Who knows it can grow into such a plant <3

The spinach seed package. Who knows it can turn into such a plant ❤

At first my boyfriend talked me into throwing it away. “It grows against all odds while other plants died away, there must be something to it” I thought so I kept it anyway, just put little and little water to it everyday, expecting that it might die soon cos there was not nutrition. Seeing it shows off its little yellow petals today was wonderful! I felt so happy that I trusted in my little spinach seed’s surviving spirit 😛


Dear little spinach plant, you made a claim: Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence

Helsinki, 05.2015