Celebritize yourself

Would you like to be a celerity? Perhaps it’s not everyone’s dream to be in the center of attention but isn’t it fancy to have your name on the news sometimes and have admirers? When I was young, I always fancied to be famous for one day, it should be enough to satisfy my curiosity about the actual life of a rock star, or dinner by American President.

Anyway, what can be the best way to celebrate your fame than having a mobile application to your own? The application is downloadable by your admirers all around the world and it’s entirely about YOU. I prototyped this application a few days ago, imagining how it would be if I was gifted with a Kardashian backside:



The prototype was created easily within just 3 hours, designing from the ground. It should have more functions like sharing on Facebook, to further spread my popularity if it will become a ‘real’ thing some day 😉 I used Axure to design it, known it from the User-centered Design classes last sem. Cool program, definitely something I would recommend to others. The Leppavaara campus has 2 computer rooms equipped with full license of this program: 206 and 207 but you can only use the rooms if there are no classes inside. Anyway, it’s a thing that we got to study this cool thing.