How do I price my study in Finland?

My only course this semester is Financial Planning, so I have plenty of time to digest all the lectures into knowledge, which is a good thing. Just got off the last individual assignment of the term and it got me into a strange thinking: How do I price my study in Finland?

Should it be market-based pricing? I know at least Germany is very generous in giving tuition-free education for international students and if it was 5 years ago, so was Sweden. Swedish universities is charging now between SEK 80,000–140,000 (around 8,000-14,000 euros) per academic year. With close proximity to Finland, the Swedish education charge might be a good indicator for education pricing in Finland. However, another criterion must also be considered is quality. How well does the Swedes study compared with the Finns? Well, the answer is a bit disappointing: The 2012 Pisa results show Sweden’s exam results falling abruptly across all three measures of reading, maths and science – with the country recording the largest drop in maths performance over 10 years. Its 2013 results were not much better. Market-based pricing for my study does not seem to be a good idea.

How about if I know the costs of each and every components of my study, add them up and price and use a standard multiplier derived from history? VATT estimates that each full-time basic degree student costs an average of 2800 euros annually in Finland. The amount is approximately equivalent to one forth of the tuition I paid for Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore in 2009. So now you know who is the expensive guy huh 😉

Nevertheless, I think the most suitable pricing method for my current study must be based on value. It’s like when you want to sell a product, you always need to know clearly about the added values it would bring compared to the existing solution. Otherwise how would one buy if your offer is exactly the same as what they are having right? For that reason, I recall all the knowledge, experiences and opportunities that  Finland had brought for me: the travels, the events, friends.. The total amount should be priceless.

This morning my boyfriend asked me a question: ”What is an incredible thing that you’ve done? I answered him after 1 second “Leaving everything behind and come to Finland”

Helsinki, 04.2015