Sunday mad

A multipurpose design that can make Phoebe become a millionaire, made within 20 minutes on a bright Sunday morning 😀

phoebe sunday design

phoebe sunday design

You are looking at a new product, which combines of the following:

  • Radio
  • TV
  • CD player
  • Telephone
  • (Alarm) clock
  • Speaker
  • Phone dock

It has 2 separate LCD screen so that the functions does not interfere with each other. People watching TV definitely does not want their show to be interrupted when someone else tries to make a phone call. Telephone and clock can use the same control interface as their operations are not required all the times. Plus, having an touchable, LCD screen will allow us to make the table phone easier to use: each function can be represented by their own button instead of usual 12-button control interface. With the timer on the side of the TV, housewives still can cook while enjoying their show. The cordless telephone handle allows user to find a quiet place to talk if someone is watching TV at the same time.

With the speaker, there are two ways to control it: using remote control or adjust the volume turner. Having the volume button is a more visible, and I assume, easier way to adjust volume as its physical action provides a direct feedback to user through the loudness instead of going through buttons from the remote control. However, for those who like to be adventurous with the buttons, they can play with the manual instruction and find their way with any hassles.

Similar to the speaker, radio also has its own traditional turner if users want to find stations manually, or from the control on TV set. I had this idea because I remembered when I was a kid, it was really fun to find stations on the radio. It would have to be done so slowly and gently, for when you reached a clear voice finally, you felt like a champion. Unless you did not have that childhood obsession, or it simply annoys you, you can use the control.

There’re not many things to be said about the CD player or phone dock, as their usability are designed in conjunction with their normal use. We can amplify it to be a karaoke station, to make use of the speakers and TV screen. For that reason, I will add two USB ports above the CD slot. The ports can be used for many devices: hard drive, remote microphone, etc.