Thesis at Laurea UAS

Graduation is a fancy word when you start to think about your thesis work. I’m sure we’d all been there, struggling with the final “obstacle” the separates between us and the graduation gown. As a matter of fact, the graduation rates for students obtaining a bachelor’s degree can stall at as low as 34%.

I started to be serious about getting out of Laurea at the start of August, after a very non-productive summer. In fact I only thought about that as I saw a friend working so hard on it, she was at the local library everyday from 9 till 5, reading the books, taking notes. Looking at her working kinda makes me realize that I need to be back in the track again by focusing all my energy into something that can give me a happy ending with the university and also, a good boost to start my career, again.

It took me about a month to concrete the intention and narrow the research fields, another two weeks to put all the ideas into a proper research proposal. After two months of preparation, on a nice day, just before I left for Paris, my supervisor finally nodded his head and approved the topic. Being a little over-excited, I ran straight to a senior lecturer’s office, Mr. Matvejeff and asked for his opinion. He complemented on my topic and made some suggestions about directions I can further explore, even introduced the director of the case company for me. It turned out he knew the company pretty well and had good connections there, just nice to pave my first steps. Since then, things went on smoothly and I am only awaiting for the first interview on the 1st October.

I feel deeply grateful for being supervised by two senior lecturers, who offered such great guidance on my thesis. Just one last item on the checklist, chiaki Phoebe!!

From Phoebe with ❤