This is how Berlin can break a little girl’s heart

It’s an intricate feeling.

The moment you saw it you knew it was right. It was what you’re looking for and it was made for you. You knew it was what you’ve been longing for. You’ve dreamed about it and when it covered your body, it’s just like what you imagined.

But then down the road you walking, there’s problem with it. It took you some time to figure out what the actual problem was and at first, you tried to convince yourself that you can live with it, but then you realize that you could not bear with it anymore, you were hurting yourself too much with it. You felt a grief of loss, what you thought was right had not gone wrong, it just turned out that it was larger than what you expected and it doesn’t make sense right?! They said the more the better, the bigger the profounder but no, not in this situation!

It became too much to bear now. You pampered yourself with lies to soothe the pain in your heart knowing that it’s hard, really hard or maybe even never you could find a similar one again. There’s only 1 way left, that is to walk away, far sight of it, to hide away your tears and hope for a new opportunity.

Bottom line: shoe size 36 does not exist in Germany and I just found my dream pair but they only have size 37 :(((((

P/s: if you read till this line, you have such a damn strong endurance. You are awesome and you should let me know it 😛

From Phoebe with love ❤